Do I have to pay? Can I play 247 Solitaire games at no cost?

This question is often asked and we have some good news to share with you: all games we offer on our site are totally and completely free. They'll remain completely free throughout the day and we won't ever ask for a fee. A brief advertisement might appear from time-to- moment, but you are able to avoid after five seconds, and then play the game for free.

Do you have the option to turn off the sound effects in 247 Solitaire?

The majority of versions of game include Chinese background music, and they play sound effects e.g. when you get two tiles. It's all for excitement, but it could be a little annoying after some time. It could be that you'd like to switch the sound off completely since you're in a public area. In the majority of cases you can turn off the audio off by clicking the speaker icon (usually found within the main menu). If that doesn't work, you can reduce the volume or turn it off on your computer mobile phone, tablet, or PC or even use headsets.

Which devices are compatible with playing Solitaire 247 on?

The answer to that question is simple: it is possible to enjoy our games with any computer or mobile device that is currently available. The website as well as our games are highly responsive and created in HTML5. That means that when you visit our website on a particular device, like an iPhone or laptop The game and website will automatically adjust to the size of the screen on your device.

New hardware is being created constantly This could mean that you're playing with a new gadget that is unable to play any or our Mahjong games correctly. If this is the case it would be appreciated if we let us know by using our contact form. We will be able to address the issue as soon as possible and ensure that everything is current.

A single or more Solitaire 247 games isn't functioning or has stopped working.

Be assured that this issue is typically a simple repair. Try refreshing the browser on the device you intend to play with. The most efficient method to do this on a desktop computer is to press the F5 button, and on mobile devices, you can use the Refresh button, which can usually be found on the menu bar located at the top. Are you still having problems? 

You may require clearing the cache as well as the browser history. If you're using an Windows PC it is possible to do this by using this CTRL + Shift + DELETE combination. On other devices, click the History option on the menu and select to delete the history of the last few days. If this doesn't work, simply write us an email and we'll be more than willing to assist you so that you can begin playing Solitaire games again in the near future!

I've discovered a brand new Solitaire game, or created the game in a different way could I include it on your site?

We're always looking for the most enjoyable games to add to our site, so if you've developed an game or discovered an activity that is worthy to be included on our site contact us with the URL to which you are able to play it. we could consider placing your new game on our website!

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