About Mahjong

  • Flip the cards in your stock to the Waste. You can flip 3 or 1 card from the stock to the Waste. This number is set by using Options.
  • Move a card out of to the Waste into the Foundations. If the topmost card in the Waste is able to be placed on some or the Foundations then you are able to move it to the Foundation.
  • Transfer one card from the Waste to the Tableau. You can transfer the top card from Waste Waste to one of Tableau piles.
  • Transfer a card from the Foundation back onto Tableau. You can transfer the top card of Foundation Foundation back to the Tableau. This isn't permitted in all Solitaire variations, but we permit it in this version :)
  • Transfer one or more of the cards in one Tableau pile to another pile. You can move an open card from the Tableau onto a different Tableau pile, provided that the highest card in the pile is higher than the one you are moving and is in an alternate hue. For instance, you can transfer a red 6 to the black 7. For instance, if you have black, red 5, and red 4 faces in one tableau it is possible to move them all simultaneously onto a tableau that has the black 7. If you've got an unfilled Tableau pile, it is only possible to place the king on it.
  • Flip an upside downward Tableau Card. If you have removed a face-up card from the Tableau pile and now you have the card on top facing down, you can select the face down option and it will be turned upside down and presented face up.
  • It is possible to transfer the Tableau card onto Foundations. You can perform this manually if you require clearing area on Tableau. You can move the card onto the Foundation or double-click it, and it will be moved there on its own. Once all the cards are on the Tableau are collected, and all cards in the inventory are gone, the game will automatically transfer all Tableau cards to the Foundation and at this point, you will be certain to be the winner of the game.
  • You can undo any number of times you want. The game offers unlimited undos. Every Undo is considered a new movement when the goal of winning the game with as little moves as you can, it is important to be aware of how many Undos you can use.
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